Leadership is defined by many and many have authored books, blogs and white papers … and yet these definitions and writings often omit the whole self as leader.

Leadership Coaching goes beyond the definitions to explore …

  • What really matters to you; what do you value?
  • What have you been tolerating that it’s time to address?
  • How does your narrative about leading serve you and your organization?

Digging into these and other powerful questions leads to opening conversations that often go unaddressed.

Leadership Coaching at Prisma, LLC means exploring in the domains of body, language and emotion.  It involves supporting leaders to recognize that we are “whole self” beings, all domains show up and have an impact.  Tapping the wisdom of the body and recognizing the power of emotions through coaching, supports a leaders’ transformation which is valuable in the organization.
  • Leadership Coaching increases self-awareness.  When self-awareness increases, new possibilities (and actions) appear which lead to desired results.  Instead of spinning in the action results cycle, leaders who are more aware move toward solutions out of the spinning.
  • Stuck in the action results model (the definition of insanity)?
  • Move to the OSR model (the definition of possibilities)!

Client Projects

Leadership Coaching

  • Audience: Individual educational and business leaders
  • Process: Exploration of possibilities for focus; declaration of areas for change; description of measurable results
  • Outcomes: Identification of limiting beliefs; shift to supportive beliefs which improved performance; identified core strengths and how to leverage them; improved interpersonal interactions professionally and personally; achieved balance which improved productivity

Scientific Organization

  • Audience: Leadership Team
  • Process: Group Sessions; 1:1 Coaching
  • Outcomes: Realignment of responsibilities; increased interpersonal relationships; enhanced team interactions;

Core Values Index (CVI™) Coaching

  • Audience: Individual leaders
  • Process: Administer & interpret CVI™, 1:1 Core Values Coaching Model
  • Outcomes: Increased personal awareness; improved personal and professional interactions; Enhanced teamwork