Consulting is a relationship that supports organizations to solve problems and benefit from an objective perspective with the success of the organization at heart.  In a nutshell consulting is:

  • offering professional expertise or opinion
  • problem solving, recommending solutions … designing a new program or process
  • assistance with implementation
We work with organizations to assist with projects that require dedicated time and resources. We help create, facilitate and implement.

Client Projects

Mentor Program Development & Implementation
  • Audience: High School Students
  • Process: Model & Curriculum creation for 2 term high school class
  • Outcomes: Students learned practical career development skills
    • Students empowered to identify and secure a professional mentor
    • Students functioned as independent learners in authentic situations
Networking training for teachers and business leaders
  • Audience: Alternative Learning Centers, Career & Technical Education Consortium Staff
  • Process: 4-hour interactive workshop for educators
  • Outcomes: Collegial collaboration fueled ideation and practical application
    • Confidence & skills increased re networking
    • Understanding of role of body & emotions built new presence
Community Bank Customer Experience
  • Audience: Bank Staff
  • Process: Presentation to address communications and customer service
  • Outcomes: Reinforced respectful attention and accountability to clients and co-workers
Business Connections Eden Prairie Chamber Mini Series
  • Audience: Business Leaders
  • Process: Workshop to share self-awareness concepts and how they impact business
  • Outcomes: Increased awareness, individual coaching of some participants
Human Resource Staffing
  • Audience: Staff members
  • Process: Group session to share common language and distinctions; staff interviews; 1:1 coaching
  • Outcomes: Greater understanding between staff members; Increased confidence, especially of sales staff & improved sales performance