Workshop Facilitation

Workshop facilitation lives the domain of consulting and supports organizations to deliver new ways, ideas or concepts.  The purpose is often to solve problems or facilitate change.

Workshop facilitation is always grounded in the intended outcome using accepted standards in adult learning.   A workshop provides opportunity for learning … and change.  Optimum benefit is typically realized when coaching follows a workshop … coaching supports the learning and change. 

Understanding that everyone learns differently, workshops, largely experiential and always interactive,  include a mix of activities that meet the needs of all learning styles.  


Client Projects

Dental Clinic

Audience: Office staff

Process: Interactive workshop, clinic leaders learn and practice coaching style communication

Outcomes: Increased interpersonal awareness; enhanced interactions, communication improved


County Government:  Why we Conflict

Audience:   Department staff

Process:      Participants completed Core Values Index™, activities, teach back  

Outcomes: Understanding of core values styles, how each impacts actions   


Public Offering:  Get your Ikigai On!  

Audience:  Diverse organizations

Process:     Self-reflection, pair and share, teach back

Outcomes: Individuals identified purpose, made career changes 


We work with organizations to assist with projects that require dedicated time and resources. We help create, facilitate and implement.