Consulting is a relationship that supports organizations to solve problems and benefit from an objective perspective with the success of the organization at heart.  In a nutshell consulting is:

  • offering professional expertise or opinion
  • problem solving, recommending solutions … designing a new program or process
  • assistance with implementation
We work with organizations to assist with projects that require dedicated time and resources. We help create, facilitate and implement. In Prisma’s world, design resides mostly in the arena of programs, mentoring and workshops.  Let us know your problem and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Some Client Projects

Long Range Planning

Audience: 13 School District Perkins ConsortiumProcess: Assessment of Needs, Identification of solutions, creation of planOutcomes: 5-year training and implementation plan addressing Career and Technical EducationGoals, Objectives, Strategies, Outcomes, and Budget to meet state mandatesIntegrated approach coupling state mandates with needs for training expressed byteachers to prepare and support students

Talent Development Mentor Program

Audience: High School StudentsProcess: Assessed student career development needs, created curriculum for professionalism skillsOutcomes: Networking, general professionalism Skills developed, students identified mentors, achieved “real world” experience with mentors