Coaching is a professional partnership between coach & client that holds the client as the owner of their knowing.  The partnership is rooted in confidentiality, grows through discovery and the transformation.  The coaching relationship is future focused, emphasizing self-discovery and supports new practices that bring about change.

Coaching Supports

  • Uncovering possibilities in professional and/or personal domains
  •  “replanting” and course correction
  • creating more meaningful interpersonal relationships, personally and professionally

Ontological (the way we "be") Coaching creates shifts from the separation of

To Congruence of

Coaching offers the Individual the opportunity to

  •  Focus on self, the tough questions, the hard truths, personal success
  •  Observe their behavior, communication, perspective
  • Listen to intuition, personal assessments & judgments
  • Challenge existing attitudes, beliefs, behaviors
  • Leverage personal strengths & gifts
  • Shift the observer you are, overcome self-imposed limitations and notice how results differ

All this from a place of

  • Compassion for oneself & others
  • Courage to reach for your greatest vision, overcome internal and external obstacles
  • Boldness to shift from fear to abundance as a core strategy for success
  • Humor to lighten and brighten situations as you are serious about not taking “self” too seriously

Our Clients have more

  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Resources
  • Possibilities

Coaching is not…

  • therapy (counseling) which is based on healing past pain, dysfunction or conflict
  • consulting which is based on identifying problems and recommending solutions
  • mentoring which is based on guiding and advising
  • training which is based on creating and delivering a program, curriculum, learning