Coaching is a professional partnership between coach & client that holds the client as the owner of their knowing.  The partnership is rooted in confidentiality, grows through discovery and t  h transformation.  The coaching relationship is future focused, emphasizing self-discovery and supports new practices that bring about change.

Coaching Supports

  • Uncovering possibilities in professional and/or personal domains
  •  “replanting” and course correction
  • creating more meaningful interpersonal relationships, personally and professionally

Ontological (the way we "be") Coaching creates shifts from the separation of

To Congruence of

Coaching offers the Individual the opportunity to

  •  Focus on self, the tough questions, the hard truths, personal success
  •  Observe their behavior, communication, perspective
  • Listen to intuition, personal assessments & judgments
  • Challenge existing attitudes, beliefs, behaviors
  • Leverage personal strengths & gifts
  • Shift the observer you are, overcome self-imposed limitations and notice how results differ

All this from a place of

  • Compassion for oneself & others
  • Courage to reach for your greatest vision, overcome internal and external obstacles
  • Boldness to shift from fear to abundance as a core strategy for success
  • Humor to lighten and brighten situations as you are serious about not taking “self” too seriously

Our Clients have more

  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Resources
  • Possibilities

Coaching is not…

  • therapy (counseling) which is based on healing past pain, dysfunction or conflict
  • consulting which is based on identifying problems and recommending solutions
  • mentoring which is based on guiding and advising
  • training which is based on creating and delivering a program, curriculum, learning