What is Academic Coaching?

There are a variety of ways coaches support educators, most common is to build skill … to become a master teacher. Transformative coaching brings attention to how an educator’s perspective impact students’ outcomes.
  • How might classroom management be impacted by the teacher’s perspective?
  • What might play out differently for students if asked “what do you want”?
Reach out to me for answer to these questions from educators who have created a “coach-like” classroom.  The results are staggering!

Some results:

Educator Coaching Skills Training & Coaching

  • Audience:   K-12 Educators
  • Process:      6-hour training to equip educators with coaching skills; real time coaching
  • Outcomes:  Shift from “tell to ask” model; increased student-teacher trust; student self-efficacy & accountability

Educator Cohort

  • Audience:   High School Educators
  • Process:      Group sharing & learning, classroom presentations, student 1:1 coaching
  • Outcomes:  Perspective shifts; Improved coaching skills & student behavior

Leadership Development Training & Coaching

  • Audience: Educational Services Leadership Team
  • Process: Quarterly workshop to share common language and distinctions; 1;1 coaching
  • Outcomes: Increased accountability; built, repaired and maintained trust; shifts to more honest, trusting communication; empowered individuals with fewer fears

Student 1:1 Coaching

  • Audience: High School Students
  • Process: 1:1 coaching beginning with identifying values & gifts, limiting beliefs and barriers, declaring dreams and actions to achieve them
  • Outcomes: Students feel “heard” which increases self-confidence & empowerment; study habits, organizational and time management skills & relationships improve; as accountability increases so do grades