Individuals who seek coaching typically are looking to live their life purpose intentionally.

Purposeful intentionality requires:

  • self-reflection
  • choosing and
  • practice to support change.
With an individual, a Coaching Partnership means assuring that values are aligned with life whether relationships, career or something else.

The relevant question is “are you living the life of your dreams”?

Coaching is a “fluid” process guided by the client’s agenda and open to curves and turns along the way based on what shows up in the session.  While a “fluid” process, there are constants:
  • The client sets the agenda (if things change so may the coaching topic)
  • The coach will he fully present and create a safe and trusting space for questioning and discovery
  • Confidentiality is always maintained
  • The client is creative, resourceful and whole
  • Sessions will involve the wholeness of the individual … body, language and emotion
  • To honor the foundational process of coaching, powerful questions will always be asked
At all times, the process will occur only in areas where qualified.  That said, the qualification will be centered in the coaching process.  A coach often serves best with no “industry” expertise since questions come from a beginner mind. “Fluidity” in the coaching process, at Prisma, LLC, reflects the value of flexibility.   Intuition is a key factor in the  process and supports serving the needs of clients.  While several different techniques are used, each one appears based on answers to the powerful questions and what is intuited from the client.

Be ready to explore things like …

  • When was the last time you pondered your beliefs and how they served you?
  • How is does your “inner critic” interfere with how you want to be?
  • What is one thing you’ve been tolerating that you’d like to shed?

We work with clients who are ready to answer these questions … and more!