• JICT Images
    We are certified Newfield coaches who created something amazing!  From conversations in our “wisdom circle” and fueled by the work of our photographer partners emerged JICT Images.
  • ICF Minnesota
    The ICF Minnesota Chapter is an inspiring and innovative multi-cultural community of coaches committed to your professional excellence. Connect, engage, learn and grow with a coaching community that supports you at any level of your practice.
  • Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota
  • International Coach Federation (ICF)
    Client by client, ICF coaches help their clients improve lives, relationships and business performance. ICF is seen as a standard bearer for credentials for training organizations and coaches.
  • Taylor Protocols mission is to help get the right people in the right seat doing the right work. This increases revenue and decreases turnover and ensures that everyone makes their highest contribution. The Core Values Index is the tool that supports this mission; you can sample it here.
  • International Center for Leadership in Education(ICLE)
    Driven by our belief that instruction must be rigorous and relevant for all students, we partner with schools and districts to make best practices and innovative approaches to instruction and leadership a reality in today’s classrooms.